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55 anos perseguindo
a perfeição


A empresa foi fundada em 26 de setembro de 1961, quando ainda era chamada Construtora Civil e Industrial da Bahia. Com o progresso de suas atividades e visualizando a expansão dos negócios, em 1981 outras duas empresas – a Civil Industrial e Comercial e a Civil Participações – foram criadas, formando, assim, o GRUPO CIVIL.

O crescimento empresarial do Grupo está diretamente ligado à melhora de nossos processos administrativos e produtivos, buscando, também, servir à sociedade e colaborar na formação de novos profissionais imbuídos do mesmo ideal de perpetuidade, solidez e sustentabilidade dos fundadores desta organização.

missão do Grupo


visão do Grupo para 2020


nossos valores

“Ter uma postura correta, justa e responsável”

“Sugerir novas soluções sempre embasadas no conhecimento técnico”

“Contribuir para o desenvolvimento saudável e seguro do Grupo com foco no resultado final”

“Fortalecer o Padrão Civil de Qualidade, cumprindo custos e prazos”

Linha do tempo

conheça nossa
linha do tempo

Nossos empreendimentos, que somam mais de um milhão de metros quadrados construídos, são mais que parte da história da construção civil. São parte da história de mais de 11 mil famílias e 33 empresas.


Edf. Pedra do Sol


The Civil Construction began its work with this one that would be a mark not only in its history, but in the history of the civil construction in Bahia. Pedra do Sol was a pioneer in the high-end segment: the first with two parking spaces per apartment and, of course, two large spaces that accommodated the luxury car, the “spacious” Galaxy. The building also innovated by bringing a work of art of Lênio Braga in the garden. The idea was so successful that it became a municipal law, making it obligatory to place works of art in buildings in the city of Salvador.


Graphic Park of  Journal A Tarde


Construction of the Graphic Park of the Journal A Tarde, located at Av. Tancredo Neves.


Edf. Pedra da Vitória

Large apartments with two suites with an area of ​​125m², today equivalent to real estate with four bedrooms. In this venture, Civil innovated with a bodyguard on the porch where 50cm were masonry and 50cm, glass, taking better advantage of the incredible view of the Baía de Todos, something that was not yet done in the architecture of the time.


Edf. Pedra do Bosque


When no company thought of investing in high-end real estate in the Federation, Civil was the first to build in the region of São Lázaro, today one of the noblest neighborhoods in Salvador. With its facade clad in precast concrete of floral motifs – the fiberglass matrix form had its wooden mold sculpted by the architect himself, Enrique Alvarez – the Pedra do Bosque was launched as the best enterprise of the city in the time!


Central Valle


An enterprise with project, construction and incorporation of the Civil Construction company that had initially forecast 16 business units per floor. At the height of the country’s financial crisis in the 1980s, the company realized that it would have difficulty selling small units and the project was modified to four rooms per floor, reaching another public profile. It was the first building in Bahia with its facade clad in glass skin and a high-end business, with the side facades in marble “bege bahia”. In addition, the Central Valle developed the region of the Vale de Nazaré.


Edf. Pedra do Parque


At the time of its 20-story launch, it was one of the highest in the city. The innovative design of the architect Enrique Alvarez, although bold, with apartments at different levels, did not make the construction more expensive, as the slabs at each level were identical and complementary, obtaining the modular effect in the masonry alternating between rooms and balconies.


Edf. Pedra de Brotas

In a time of crisis, when the high cost of real estate made it impossible to sell and finance, Pedra de Brotas’ work was differentiated by the planning of all constructive steps: a vertical industrialization process allowed aluminum frames and concrete blocks to be manufactured in the a concrete plant was installed and the forms allowed double the normal reuse. The result was an enterprise with a price so attractive that it was able to escape a crisis that plagued the country and the sector.



The expansion of the factory in Camaçari quintupled the production capacity of the brewery unit in Bahia. In this work, constructive techniques were used that until now are widely used for the construction of bulk silos, with uninterrupted concreting, through sliding forms without cold joints.


Edf. Le Lieu

A building of very high luxury, with central air conditioning in all apartments, 400 m² of area, 1 unit per floor and all facades clad in high standard ceramic. It was simply something that was not done at the time made to last centuries!


Business civil


Edf. Le Jardin

Launched in 2004, Edf. Le Jardin is located in Alto do Parque, a residential condominium in the noble neighborhood of Itaigara. The building is of high luxury, has 2 units per floor, which have 4 suites and two balconies each, in addition to having the entire facade searched in white tablet, seeking a better energy efficiency. The project of Alvarez and Kiko Pontual is extremely elegant, in addition to providing a low floor with possibilities of change.


Civil Trade
In keeping with its avant-garde tradition and consolidating the Standard Civil Construction, Civil started in 2003 the design of new projects that involve the know-how acquired in its 55 years of operation. Civil Trade was the first undertaking of this new line, with its own design, construction and incorporation, following the standard Civil of quality and sustainability.


Civil Business

In keeping with its avant-garde tradition and consolidating the Standard Civil Construction, Civil started in 2003 the design of new projects that involve the know-how acquired in its 55 years of operation. Civil Business continues this new line, with its own design, construction and incorporation, following the standard Civil of quality and sustainability.


Civil Towers