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Civil Pre-Molded


After approximately 10 years of study, in 2012 the Pre-Molded CIVIL started to operate. Motivated by the market’s lack of demand for high-quality products, our executives sought state-of-the-art machinery and brought to Bahia an automated plant with very low errors in its production line and the Standard CIVIL Quality.

Second company of CIVIL Industrial, where are manufactured the most diverse artifacts of Concrete as Medium Yarn, Interlocking Floors, Concrete Blocks for structural and masonry, tactile floor, draining floor and gutters.

CIVIL Pre-Molded also brought to the group the experience of Antônio Carlos Corrales, owner of CEP Estruturas, who has been active for more than 25 years in structures, foundations, bridges and industries.

A specialized technical team accompanies the development of the projects of the Pre-Molded Structures, guaranteeing the optimization of the manufacturing and assembly processes. The industry produces pillars, beams, slabs, shoes, foundation blocks, drainage boxes and any custom parts (staves, lobes, guard rails, etc.), with technology, speed and efficiency.

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Address: St. Ipitanga, S/N, Cia Sul – Centro Industrial de Aratu

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