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Civil Mining

Civil Mining is the first company of CIVIL Industrial and was established in 1979 to serve primarily the CIVIL Construction company. Since 1985, it has gained the Bahia market and, today, is among the largest gravel producers in the great Salvador and the state of Bahia.

In 2004, the Total Quality Management System was implemented and became the only Quarry in Bahia certified ISO 9001: 2000 and Qualiop / Level A.

In addition, between 2009 and 2010, the entire crushing plant was replaced by new equipment, including high and low voltage electrical network with automation, which made it considered one of the most modern quarries in Brazil.

With these investments, it reached production capacity of 100,000t / month and maintained the highest standard in aggregates for concrete and paving up to the present day, where it is among the largest producers of gravel in Bahia.

In this way, the quality control of our aggregates is remarkable: better particle size, more consistent and clearly in the range of ABNT, giving a higher resistance to concrete of the customer, helping to reduce cement consumption and quality the completion of our clients’ works.




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Address: Highway Base Naval de Aratu – Pirajá 1,5km da BR 324

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