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Civil Construction Company

Founded on September 26, 1961, the CIVIL Construction company was the first step in the success of the CIVIL Group, which now adds more than 1 million square meters in works executed. Always focusing on innovation, pioneering and durability, the company was responsible for the construction of residential, commercial and industrial projects that marked the Bahia market.

Prioritizing quality, cost reduction and sustainability, Civil Construction company realizes from the conception of the project, through the incorporation, to the construction of projects that cherish technical rigor and excellence in all its stages. These are the characteristics that define the CIVIL Construction Standard, present in all the products offered by the company.

Following this concept, and always attentive to detail, CIVIL Construction company executes its Works always seeking the full satisfaction of its clients. In the Commercial and Industrial Works, the Company has a prominent participation in the Northeast Region of Brazil, with the realization of projects in Bahia, Rio Grande do Norte and Sergipe. With its vision of the future, it is also a pioneer in the area of ​​real estate leasing, building buildings
with its own resources and in privileged places.

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Address: Street Arthur de Azevedo Machado, n° 1225

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