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Credibility, technique
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“Sustainability does not just mean planting trees and caring for nature. To be sustainable for a company is to manage the business with intelligence and creativity, practicing non-waste, reusing resources and reinvesting profits in the company itself. ” – Ricardo Young.
The Civil Group believes in the environmental responsibility, practicing in all the companies of the Group, actions of sustainability in all the senses.
On the part of Construction company, we constantly seek techniques and execution methods that minimize to the maximum all social and environmental impacts. All stages of a work, from restraints to a masonry, everything is thought and studied to achieve the best possible result.
Civil Quarry has the mission of transforming mineral resources into wealth and sustainable development, with actions aimed at preserving the environment. The company maintains a management system to ensure that its activities comply with applicable legislation, educate and train its employees to act in an environmentally correct manner, as well as undertaking all necessary actions in the search for solutions and continuous improvement in a transparent way for the health and safety of workers and protection of the environment. There is a social commitment to the communities surrounding their location, helping in their constructions with material, as well as providing monthly financial resources for their maintenance.
If it is the Factory, the construction of our block, called the eco block, is an example of success. We use artificial sand instead of natural sand, thus fighting the illegal natural sand market. The artificial sand is a product that has already been a residue of the crushing process that passes through high precision sieves guaranteeing a greater homogeneity to the raw material, which promotes greater quality and uniformity of the final product. In addition, we reused the rainwater collected on the roofs, reducing the use of water in the process.
Therefore, following the concept of cleaner production, we seek to eliminate our waste and reduce our consumption of natural resources. To ensure this, our process is fully automated, with low waste generation, and the few waste generated is reused in the process.